Issues viewing stack titles

Im a rapidweaver user for 10 years and have used it to create my own sites and not as a commercial web developer.

Rapidweaver Version 8.5.1 (20823)
Stacks Version 3
OSX 10.13

My current and most challenging issue is the view. For some reason I have lost the tabs As I call them which indicate the Stack you are in or the substack which is there on the page.
This recently stopped showing and I have used all my sites and Demo sites I have from the past to see if it is something with the current project.
But it is now not visible on any project.

Best description is the 2 images attached. The one with the Blue circled highlights is what I am referring to and the other image is showing without where the Red circled highlights are where its all gone missing.

I have reviewed many topics and used the inline help to no avail.

Something is wrong and I could have accidentally keyed some keystrokes to have made it disappear ?

Kindly put me out of my Misery as it’s hard to edit the project without these.



You want the 3rd option in View Mode.

Highlighted in yellow.


Thank you.
I can’t believe I didn’t notice this change.
Normally I never touch this view.
What a muppet I’ve been.


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