Examples of RapidWeaver-created sites online?

(Timothy Arends) #1

Hi, I’m trying to re-create my site in RapidWeaver 6 using one of the responsive themes for Google optimization. I understand that the responsive themes included in RapidWeaver 6 are: Affero, Split, Reason, Tesla, and Allegro.

My question is, are there examples of sites created with these themes online that I can look at? It is soooo difficult to choose when I’m confronted with a nearly blank screen with maybe one or two preview graphics.

For example, the Allegro theme in preview mode is basically just a blank page. Hard to get too excited or inspired by that.

(Mark Sealey) #2


This is a good place to start…

(Dave) #3

And, this and this should also be stops on your tour. The last time I looked, I don’t think the RMS guys had any FreeStack sites on their gallery. I could be wrong about that, though.

(Nik Fletcher) #4

In addition to the Gallery, If you open the Projects window from the “File” menu in RW6, and choose the Example sites, there’s project files for you to look at :slight_smile: