Suggest a Responsive Theme

(Michael Wisniewski) #1


Can you suggest a Responsive Theme that might fit my site? (using the Vienna theme from Nick Cates).

I’m re-formatting all the site info to work in a Responsive environment (RW6) and I just need something that’s extremely functional and obvious. A lot of the themes seem too graphic designery. For example, I’d prefer (in iPhone mode) it just says MENU rather than some odd graphic that might not immediately be understood. And I’d rather not have gigantor banners that command all the attention. Would be very nice if the developer also provided a nice How To with the Theme.

Aside from that looking for the normal …

  • easy to change the header sizes
  • add my own banners / photos
  • supports Responsive Video

Thanks in advance for any replies.

(Rob Beattie) #2

Flood or Solstice from Themeflood
Elite from Henk
Or you could have some fun and re-imagine the existing site using Freestack from Blueball Design.


(Peter Danckwerts) #3

Or Foundation, or ThemeFlood’s Media or Composition.

(Michael Wisniewski) #4

Thank you, the ThemeFlood themes look good and functional. And FreeStack Responsive is interesting, I didn’t realize that existed!

(Nik Fletcher) #5

This might help also :smile:

(Michael Wisniewski) #6

Thank you for all the help! We ended up going with the Volcano Theme from Themeflood. We had it up and running in 2 days! And thank you Rapidweaver and Themeflood :slight_smile: the responsive theme has been a big hit with the customers. Here’s what it ended up looking like