New: responsive FULD theme for RapidWeaver 6 and 7*

FULD is a new and responsive theme with a horizontal drowdown menu. The FULD theme takes advantage of the new Banner Image option in RW7!

• Easily drop in your custom site fullscreen background to the new RapidWeaver 7* Inspector Pane (example) (RW7 only).
• FULD has also an option built-in for an (animated) Full-size Background (example) (RW6 and RW7).
• Font Awesome Icons.
• Many fonts to choose from, independently for the Title and Content.
• And a huge amount of other options (All Theme Styles)
PREVIEW of the FULD theme
• Download a free trial version of this theme in my store.



Very nice theme Henk!

Thanks for your nice comment, Jannis!

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I’ve added the FULD-Flickr theme. FULD-Flickr pulls images from Flickr.
Example 1
Example 2
So now there are two FULD themes in the download file: FULD and FULD-Flickr.
2. I’ve also added two discount codes (20% off) in the download file (inStacks Software and Marathia Stacks).


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I’ve improved the menu of the FULD and FULD-Flickr themes. I’ve send updates to all users.

NEW: and I’ve added two new FULD themes: FULD2 and FULD2-Flickr. Both FULD2 themes only show a menu icon on your desktop and mobile:

This is an example with the FULD2 theme.
This is an example with the FULD2-Flickr theme.

So now you’ll find 4 FULD themes in the download file:
• FULD2,
• FULD-Flickr
• and the FULD2-Flickr theme.

The Flickr themes pull images from Flickr.


Buy these themes

In the download file are two discount codes:
• 20% discount code for the Gallery Stack 3 by Instacks Software.
• 20% discount code on all stacks by Marathia.


I heart your Themes Henk. I bought several of them over the years! And everyone loves my websites thanks to you!!!

Creative, practical, great manuals, very responsive and always works flawlessly.

Thank you for the great manuals they have made RW so much simpler for me.


Pebble 5 :slight_smile: :hand_splayed:

Thanks for your nice comments, Pebble5! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the awesome support from Henk too :slight_smile: