Exception while exporting site : *** -[__NSDictionaryM setObject:forKey:]: key cannot be nil

Attempting to export my project to a folder: Anybody know what this means:

Exception while exporting site
*** -[__NSDictionaryM setObject:forKey:]: key cannot be nil

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Btw. I just transferred this project from my laptop to my PC (just because it’s easier to use). Have I lost something during the transfer?

Before transfering the project, make sure it is a portable document. That way you don’t loose anything. The setting is found on the bottom of the general settings tab/page.

Thanks for the advice - I just did that and transferred and tried to export, but same result?

I just tried exporting on the laptop - same result. So probably nothing to do with the transfer.

I was only answering the second part of your post. About how to transfer a Rapidweaver document the right way. I don’t have a solution for your export error. But you could sent the project over to me (that’s possible since it’s portable) so i could check it.

Thanks for your advice - On a hunch, I deleted the blog and the export went through. Thanks for your offer.

Blog = php. You need a webserver to run that. You can do that locally with MAMP.

Having PHP pages would have nothing to do with getting an error when exporting. Pretty much any exception message that you get that starts with NS (next step) is a programming error that should be addressed by the developers.
Now you can’t view PHP pages without a web server, but you can definitely export or publish them.
If you still have the project file with the blog project that blows up with that exception I would contact support:

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I wasn’t suggesting that the PHP was the reason for the error. Only that you need a webserver to see them. Sorry for the confusion, if any.
Thanks for clarifying it.

Still, it’s strange that an export without the blog works fine, and with the blog it fails. Error on exporting only PHP pages?
Did you address the programming error to the developers?

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