RW 7.1.5 does not fix export bug

I still can’t publish my site because of an export bug:

Error while exporting site:
*** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter

Does anyone know if this release was intended to fix this bug?

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Are you using PlusKit by any chance in any of your sites?

@ajvcali Can you share a copy of your project, theme, and any plugins you use with please? Put “FAO: Simon/Tom” in the subject, and we’ll take a look at it for you.

Do you think this plugin can be the source of the export bug ? Do you already solved the export bug by deleting this plugin ?

It has been discussed here and proven to fix the Export bug qith 7.1.3 and 7.1.4. I think it is definitely worth a try. I do no use PlusKit for my projects.

Here it is:



@Fuellemann – I also experience crashes on Export and I do use PlusKit. It is a very important element of my website, so I can not just remove PlusKit from it. Unless, there is another method of importing one page into another. Any advice on how to substitute PlusKit’s functionality without PlusKit?

I’m not sure what PlusKit is, so I’m pretty sure I’m not using it on my site. I do have Stacks installed and they are also looking at this export issue.

Thanks for the reply Jan, but I didn’t have any export bug in 7.1.4. This version works well for me (at least the export), and didn’t work anymore with the 7.1.5

Similar problem here. But I don’t see the message above, it is just not exporting to preview. It hangs with the message “waiting for Stacks plugin to provide page contents…”

I experimented a lot with different RapidWeaver version with no solutions. In the end I found that there is a problem with the newest version of the Stacks plugin and PlusKit. If I delete the PlusKit plugin from the project (as suggested by Jan), the project will export. In a lot of my projects the PlusKit plugin is essential so I cannot delete it from these projects.

But it helps to go back to Stacks version 3.2.3

@isaiah - Could you please fix the problem

@ajvcali I got details through our support folks today on this file with this exact problem today. I’m afraid the bug in that file was not in any of my software – so I can’t fix this one. :frowning:

In that file, the problem was definitely in a Photo Album page – or within the main app itself and being triggered by a photo album page.

If you do have a photo album page in your site, you might try disabling publishing on that page temporarily to work around the problem.

I’ve reported the bug in that file with copious details to the Realmac Software guys. Hopefully they’ll catch it in the next update.

@apfelpuree - There are two possibilities here:

  • If this is a relatively small file and the hang lasts forever, please send me your file (along with all necessary bits and bobs to open it). I don’t know of a bug like this currently, but if there is one your file would help to get it fixed.

  • RapidWeaver is loading the document
    RapidWeaver 7.1 has some new behaviors that have confused a few people. RapidWeaver opens very large sites quickly by only loading a tiny bit of them. This is great. But when you export/publish the site, it needs to load the other content – this can take quite a bit of time. It is the same amount of time that we used to wait when opening up the document in RW 7.0 – it’s just shifted to a different (and sometimes confusing) time.

PlusKit definitely exacerbates this situation PlusKit merges one part of your site into another – this, of course, forces that load too. But it forces the load right in the middle of the export of another page (in your case that looks like a Stacks page).

Unfortunately I have little control over this load process. If it’s causing you grief, I’d encourage you to send a polite note to RapidWeaver expressing that. The “lazy loading” of the site was supposed to make RapidWeaver feel snappier – if it’s doing the opposite for some users it would help them to know about it.



[quote=“isaiah, post:11, topic:10404, full:true”]@apfelpuree - There are two possibilities here:

  • If this is a relatively small file and the hang lasts forever, please send me your file (along with all necessary bits and bobs to open it). I don’t know of a bug like this currently, but if there is one your file would help to get it fixed.

If you are interested I can send you a download link by PN, but the project file has more than 125 MB

Thanks @isaiah for the troubleshooting. I deleted the offending page and it seems the publishing works (it’s seems some large files are being uploaded so it’ll be a little while before I know for sure publishhing will be completely successful.

@isaiah thanks, but I delete all the photoalbum (old) pages from the site, and I still cannot connect to the server.
Is there a way to export manually a webpage in RW7.1.5, then I can upload the webpage by another FTP app ?
I did it with RW4 & 5, but I didn’t find a way in RW7.
I cannot upload the new version to our website, my customer is waiting for, it’s critical !!!

@ajvcali - you can always do a local export to to a folder to check the export process a bit more quickly first.

Export All Files to a local folder is a solid way to test everything’s working smoothly.


@tolosafan - Yes I think we are looking at several issues here – all with similar symptoms: crash/hang on publish.

The short answer is just to choose Export Site. It works about the same in RapidWeaver 7.1 as it did all the way back to RapidWeaver 3.

But there’s a nice new way to set up a permanent local-publishing destination, that’s really great. Here’s how to export to a local folder:

  1. Publishing Settings from the File menu (Cmd-K).
  2. Click Add New Destination…
  3. Choose Local Folder for Publishing Method
  4. Click the Choose Folder button and choose where you’d like exported site to go.
  5. Give this destination a nice name
  6. Choose the new destination in the publishing popup.

And finally, click the Publish button.


Thanks @isaiah to take time to make the screenshots and for your help. You saved my day !

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@apfelpuree you can send a DL link – please include a zip of all addons required to open the project. you can just zip up your whole addons folder.

125MB is not that big. i got one > 1GB a couple days ago. :wink:


Hi, Isiah,

As always, your explanations are thorough and to-the-point. But this time, I am afraid, you’ve missed one piece of information from the original poster and first few comments. This is not publishing issue but exporting one. Some of us can not export to the local folder. RW quits unexpectedly when instructed to export, or presents an error warning.

@Rovertek - not sure what you’re driving at, but i don’t think it matters much.

i read the terms “publish” and “export” as roughly synonymous – there aren’t many technical difference between the two.

anyway, a crash is a crash whether to a local folder or a remote one. and someone still needs to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: I’m still hoping that anyone from this thread might send me an example project to work with. It doesn’t have to be a big project. Just anything that crashes in this way. It would greatly assist we developers in locating this one. Thanks.

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