Excited, however not working as expected



I recently purchased RapidWeaver - and have this environment - MacOS 11.2.3 Big Sur; Rapidweaver 8.8.1 (20868)

First Issue:
Decided to purchase STACKS 4 - got the bundle package. Stacks installs OK (I think), however none of the other plugins work?!?
When I start RW, I get the following errors:

  • Accordion: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class
  • Blocks: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class
  • Collage2: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class
  • Flow: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class
  • PlusKit: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

It also had an error for STACKS itself similar to the above, however after I registered it, I don’t see that error anymore.

UPDATE - it appears that the plugins are not universal - RapidWeaver 8.8 is now available as a universal build (read the second post)

Second Issue
I purchased Foundry v2, and that seamed to install OK
Downloaded Mason; clicked on it, and it appears to install OK
When creating a simple test page - adding Foundry Control Center then any Call-To-Action - whatever CTA I select looks weird (compared to the example videos), and when I unpack anything and click on it, this error shows:

  • Missing
  • Missing Stack Info
  • (null) Not Installed…

Is there an incompatibility here too, or am I missing something.

Thx for your feedback

Hi, for some mason templates you need the foundry add ons like potion pack. You can see these requirements on the mason site:

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Force RW to run via Rosetta via its Finder info dialogue.

Thank you, Custard-Apple!
This is an extremely valuable hint - I had this issue and it’s solved now.

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