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(Monica Sayegh) #21

instant buy! great one.

(Weavium) #22

Hi Tom,

This might be a do-able feature for the stack! We will take a look and try to see if we can’t get it added in the next update : )

Thank you for the inquiry!

(Tom) #23

Thanks for the update. As I was thinking more about it, perhaps you could think of it as a text banner across the top or bottom of the background image, and allow the text banner to use the color picker with opacity settings (contrast for text while allowing the background image to be opaquely visible). Of course, a text box with color/opacity would be good, too.

(R L) #24

Wowsers…this stack is so awesome! It almost made me jizz :blush:

I’d like to use it with Foundry. Has anyone tried it within Foundry yet?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #25

OK, not going to answer your direct question, and I am sorry to @weavium for getting on my soap box, and @ASA please understand this is not an attack on you. I just want to inform people of this question. But I do not understand the amount of questions as to wether a stack will work with Foundry, Foundation, UI Kit etc. Other than those themes having their own stacks, they are just like every other theme out there. If a stack will work with the Reason theme that comes with RapidWeaver, it will work with Foundry, Foundation, UI Kit, Pure, etc. Those stacks and the stacks that come with those themes are all based on the same API from the Stacks plugin. Plus, if for some reason there is an issue, I am sure @weavium and @Elixir would get together and find a solution. Yes, sometimes a stack might conflict, but it is better to find that out and get a fix for it out.

Stepping off my soapbox. Again, this was not meant as an attack on ANYONE but more a base set of knowledge of a basic understanding of how stacks work. Lovely stack @weavium, hope it does great for you.

(R L) #26

Ok @zeebe fair enough.

(Ron) #27

Its a great stack and @weavium is very responsive. It works well with Foundry and the only issue I’ve experienced is in using Foundry’s Zoom stack which seems to be an isolated and rare case. I believe Version 1.0.3 was released to correct this but the Zoom stack will still not display as intended. This is not a problem for me since I can use other stacks to accomplish the same purpose. Love this stack!

(Adam Shiver) #28

Hey there @ASA!

It should work fine within Foundry. If you run into specific problems shoot me an email and we can discuss it. FWIW I don’t mind answering questions like this, so @zeebe doesn’t speak for me on this topic. If you have a question about a product of mine feel free to email me and ask.

As for your issue @fog1horn – If you want to send me an email you and I can look at the interaction there and see if there’s an problem or incompatibility and go from there.

(Raimo Karhunen) #29

@zeebe not true… I have purchased stacks that work just fine with the Reason theme, but don’t work with Foundation… I’d rather know up front if there will be an issue as I use Foundation for 99% of the Rapidweaver websites I build…

(Joe Workman) #30

Its impossible to guarantee that any combination of add-ons will work together flawlessly. This could be true anything. Two stacks may conflict with each other or a stack could conflict with any theme. With an infinite number of combinations its just not possible to test everything with everything.

With that said, I would expect any stack to work with Foundation. If something does not work, you should bring it up with the developer of the stack and myself. I will do my best to make sure that things are compatible.

(R L) #31

Thanks @Elixir. Rarely do I get the warm fuzzies from a developer! It really feels great to know we have the type of support your provide. :+1::+1::+1:

(Weavium) #32

Thanks all for the comments~ I think almost all developers try their best to make their stacks as compatible as possible with other themes/stacks. : )

The EXG content section is a simple “Drop stacks here” section, and is meant to fit all stacks & content.

(Raimo Karhunen) #33

@weavium perfect! Thanks!

I love your stuff!

  • Maybe a suggestion: If you added a picture of what the stack and settings look like in “edit mode” in your product page, or stack tutorial pages. This would go a long way to helping users like me know if a stack will fit our needs.

  • Joe Workmans stacks show info like this, as do others like Doobox, Elixir, Weaverskingdom, etc. right in the product descriptions.

(Robin Mair) #34

Would really like to see the support you added to the Sidebar stack for warehoused images, added to this stack so the icons can be a custom warehoused image.

(Marc) #35

@weavium and @joeworkman

Is there any way to implement Font Box (JW) into the Weavium stacks? Namely this one and maybe all the others?
So one can also choose that in Fonts?
That’s one of the only things I miss…

Thank you for possibly having a look into that.

(system) #36

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