Sidebar - New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium : D

Introducing Sidebar – A long-awaited expandable sidebar menu for RapidWeaver from Weavium!

Sidebar was a stack that was requested from us quite a while ago. Users wanted to create a simple condensed icon sidebar that expands when clicked/hovered. We believe we’ve come up with a great solution for this that supports fixed/inline sidebars with some awesome alignment features and more~ It’s super modern and stylish! :slight_smile:

Highly Configurable, Modern, and Convenient!

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Find out more here:


Does this work ok on mobile?

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It does work on mobile as a fixed sidebar, though we have gotten some requests for other mobile solutions as well. We will likely be pushing out a nice mobile solution, such as a fixed toggle in the corner, or a button that expands. We are experimenting with these ideas now~

Thank you! : )

I am looking forward to it - you make great stacks.


I can’t see any examples on your example page. Every link goes back to the same page:

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Hi there,

This is because all of the links are set to empty #'s. We will add some code to disable the links on the preview page for user convenience. : )

Hi everyone~

We are glad to announce that we have just pushed out version 1.0.1 of Sidebar with a brand new mobile solution!! Sidebars now turn into a condensed toggle on mobile devices, that reveals the full sidebar when clicked! Works for both fixed and inline sidebars! :smile:

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Is this now the default behavior or do we have the option to choose how to display on mobile?

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This is a great looking stack as are many of your stacks ( I own a lot of them), but the one thing I’m curious about before I spend money on it as it is something that is lacking in many of your stacks.

Is there support for custom icons, being confined to just something like Font Awesome just does not work for me as I create my own icons and would like to use them. Having to do this with a custom font is not really an option, I would like to be able to simply use an SVG for an icon, preferably through a warehousing mechanism?

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Also forgot to ask if this can be used to handle navigation on a single page through the use of anchors, as opposed to navigating off to a separate page. I can see myself wanting to take advantage of this on a single page site. But in order to navigate to different parts of a page there needs to be some sort of support for scrolling to an anchor?

is this possible?

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Hi there,

For now this is the default behavior, but today we will be trying to turn this into an optional feature, for those who still want the full sidebar on mobile.

Hi there Robin,

Great questions~

Adding support for SVG or custom icons would be great. Can you send a screenshot of your ideal stack option setup for a custom icon. Would you need an image input? a url input? or something else? Let us know and we will see what we can do.


We are going to be adding an option for choosing to open links in a new tab or on the same page, in which case it will work with anchors on the page. In addition, we will also add some code for smooth scrolling, to make it looker better. :wink:

Thank you~

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This is what I’m used to using in the SVG stack, which for my workflow is perfect as I prefer to warehouse these images and icons on my website. But is have also seen a setup that works well where there is a dropdown that allows you to select between an image well or a warehoused image, if you chose the warehoused image you would get something like these settings, otherwise you would get an image well that allowed you to simply drop in an image well.

My understanding is the image well from the Stack plugin does not support SVG images so the image well solution my be a little more work. I know I have tried to drop SVG images into the image well and they fail.

For my purposes the warehoused option would be ideal.

Glad to hear about the anchor solutions as I did go ahead an purchase the stack but found that it would not work well for intra-page navigation as it kept creating a new tab whenever you wanted to scroll to a new location on the page. For my needs if the support you mentioned is added (along with the custom icons) I will be very happy with this stack.

There is one other question I had.

In the samples you show a version of the sidebar where the items are grouped centered in the bar vertically, as opposed to be grouped at the top of the bar. How was this accomplished?

I could not find an option that would allow me to setup the sidebar this way. For me this would be the most common way of setting it up as it looks so much cleaner and minimizes the amount of mousing the user has to perform.

Really looking forward to what you come up with so I can put this stack to work, great!


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We have just updated Sidebar to version 1.0.2 which supports custom image links, with the inputs that you described above~

There is also a new option added to each item for choosing whether or not the item should be opened in a new tab, as well as a smooth scroll feature added to the code when an anchor link is clicked from the Sidebar stack.

We are still working on making the mobile functionality optional, for now the default behavior is still a condensed Sidebar.

Also, if you redownload from Cartloom, there is now an example file included, so you can see how we made the sidebars on our example page! For your information, we used the “Push up/down” features for creating centered items.

If you want the items to be vertically centered, set the first item to “Push items up”, and the last item to “Push items down”.

Thank you all for your support and inquiries~


This is unbelievable, what service, just love it when people care about what they are doing, thanks so much. I’ll go re-download everything and get to work.

Thanks again!


I have put all the changes to the test and I have to say things are working perfectly.

The only thing I can see now that would be nice to change is to add support for using an SVG logo as the current image wells do not support dropping in SVG images.

Other than that I’m just about ready to upload my redesigned site and it is looking good.

BTW, one thing I should also mention is that when the sidebar is in HOVER mode there is a lot of excessive redrawing within the sidebar. As far as I can tell every time the mouse is moved within the sidebar all items including the logo are redrawn, This ruled out my using this option.

Thanks for the awesome support!

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