Exported HTML not cleaned?

Appearantly, the following settings do not have any effect for me:
CleanShot 2021-07-07 at 18.55.29

The exported site still has comments in there, the code is a mess and full of white space. I would expect a similar export like the Realmac website?

The screenshots you’ve taken are not from Stacks Plugin generated content.

So, who’s doing the tidying / cleaning then?

I thought the stack output at least is from the stacks plugin, but the settings in the stacks plugin (“remove white space”, “include comments”) do not have any effect?

(So actually two questions: does RW some cleaning and why is the cleaning from stacks not working as expected… at least from what I would expect)

(@isaiah, any ideas on this? I think it’s me again missing something fundamentally easy)

The screenshot you’ve taken is from RW / Theme template code. The html code where Stacks plugin is responsible for is for the most part inside the body tag. The header is generated by RW.

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