In-optimized export

I am using RW 8.4.1 and Stacks 4.0.3 I am redoing a large site. When I upload to my server, for each folder it quickly displays “Waiting for Stacks plugin to provide page files” “ Waiting for Stacks plugin to provide page content”. Then for a much longer time it displays “Performing un-optimized export” What can I do to not get these messages and presumably improve and speed up the process?

I don’t think there is much, or anything really, you can do about this.

My own, possibly faulty, interpretation of this message is that this is RW telling the user that it’s ready to do the next thing but it’s waiting on the Stacks plugin to supply the next ‘chunk’ of generated code ( html, css or js) into the current activity queue or pipeline.

Maybe RMS or Isaiah could enlighten us as to this particular interplay between RW and Stacks?

@isaiah or @Aaron?

Performance is always a challenge – but there are not magic bullets or secrets to making things faster – just the stuff that you can probably guess:

  • Simpler pages with fewer, less complicated stacks export much faster than complicated pages and complicated stacks. So always use the simplest stack that will do the job – avoid stacks that have dozens of extra bells and whistles – that just slows everything down.

  • Images are often a large chunk of the export time. Try using Site Images (The new default image of Stacks 4) instead of the old style standard image.
    Smaller images export faster than larger images. If you have many large images on your site then make sure that you’re using Site Images – or if you can’t (e.g. you’re still using RW7 or Stacks 3 – where there are no Site Images) then try using warehoused images.

We’re always looking for ways improved Stacks performance and do expect to have some small wins for both edit-mode speed and exporting/publishing in the next big update: Stacks 4.1 – but they’re quite involved so please don’t expect them very soon because I’d like to make sure they’re very well tested before releasing. But I am typing as fast as I can – so hopefully not too much longer. :smiley:



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