"Link to File" Not Working in RapidWeaver 7

I am trying to use the “Link to File” function in RapidWeaver 7 and have linked to a pdf file in Resources. All appears to be done correctly but when previewing the site nothing appears when clicking on the download button. I am using True Download 2 stack. I have also tried PDF Embed stack - same problem. What am I missing? I am new to RapidWeaver and not an experienced developer.

If the file does not need to be secure, know that you can simply upload the pdf to your web server and then just use a url link to link to it. The browser will give the visitor the option to view or download.

OK thanks Greg. I do have the PDF Embed stack working. I will also try the web server option but I would prefer that the stack actually work in the way it is supposed to. Should be easily done as it is self explanatory.