Exporting Site in RW 7

Just tried exporting site in RW7 and it just hangs anyone else have the same problem

Several people (including myself) are having publishing issues with RW7… just read some of the other posts. Curious if you are trying to publish a blog? I thought my publish was hanging up because it took 12 minutes to export/publish and then it merely returned a “no changed pages to publish.” As info, I emailed support last Monday and have not heard back… UPDATE- Receive support email response on Thursday.

Hey guys/gals,

As you can imagine, with the release of Rapidweaver 7 we’ve gotten a larger amount of support emails and we’re working through them as fast as we can.

We appreciate your patience and we hope to get you all back up and running quickly.


Thank you very much. Appreciate your looking into and smoothing out the publishing issues.

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