RW7 won't publish or export Blog - Will document support response here

I have a 730 page blog that RW7 will not publish (to server or local folder). I submitted an email to RW support yesterday. No response yet. I will document RW response and correspondence here so perhaps others can benefit too.

A few more details on my specific RW7 problem:
The “publish” runs 13 minutes then completes. The only page output is the RSS.xml file. I manually set the “change” flag before publish but, still, no files are output. Result is same whether publishing to server or local folder (export).

As info, an “export” in RW5 or RW6 took 25 seconds. In RW7 export runs 13 minutes, and then nothing is exported.

Other pages (Stacks pages mostly) export fine, albeit, slowly. It’s only the “stock” RW Blog that is not working at this point.

The Publish feature took a severe step backward in this version.

It has now been 48 hours since I emailed support and I still have no reply.

You are not alone. Unfortunately it seems that by ignoring the myriad posts with publishing problems RM think they will go away (the problems, not the posts).
You’re also likely to get flamed as a trouble maker.
The fact remains that RW7’s inbuilt ftp publishing is flaky with large projects and the problem needs addressing not ignoring.

I paid for a product, It doesn’t work, Support has not responded, and I’ve merely asked for some type of response. If I am a troublemaker now what will I be when issue my credit card dispute? I hope none of that is necessary. I don’t ask for a lot but I do ask for thing I pay for to work, and I do expect companies to at least be responsive to customers.

Hey guys/gals,

As you can imagine, with the release of Rapidweaver 7 we’ve gotten a larger amount of support emails and we’re working through them as fast as we can.

We appreciate your patience and we hope to get you all back up and running quickly.

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