Still continuing problems publishing under RW7

Hi All

Since I updated from RW6 to RW7 I have nothing but problems. (Now RW7.1 Beta)

My site has approximately 62 pages of which 49 have photo-albums.

If I try to republish al pages the site simply freezes at the same point each time. This still happens if I remove certain plugins such as SEO RX, I have also tried even changing the Theme I use, no joy.

After advice from a Forum member I tried to publish the site in ‘bit sizes’ 1 or 4 pages at a time, this initially worked (Thanks) but this morning even this route failed.

When this initially happened, I got around it by publishing under the older RW6, this is no longer an option.

THIS is VERY serious I have been prevented from updating my site for about 6 weeks, not good for my SEO.

Anyone else still having problems.


Hi, I’m trying to dig into this a little further and was wonder if you could try publishing in RW and as soon as it freezes, grab a screenshot of the whole application for me. Also, do any alerts pop up during the publish?