Cannot publish or export with RW 7.2.2

I have two RW websites both of which export and publish fine using RW 7.1.7. I recently upgraded to RW 7.2.2 whereupon both sites fail to export and/or publish (they crash part way during the export). Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I’ve updated from 7.1.7 to 7.2.2 and I haven’t experienced any problems at all. I’m busy using RW every day updating existing sites and publishing new ones. Everything works as expected.

I am experiencing the same issues. If I mark all files and assets as changed and then try to republish all files, it will pretty much crash every time. Often when I try to publish normally, it either crashes or gets hung up. If I cancel the publish, it will just sit there and do nothing. I have to force-quit and then re-launch Rapidweaver. The problem is so persistent that I have gotten into the habit of quitting Rapidweaver and then publish the site, which works two out of three times. So I just keep quitting and re-launching until I can get the site to publish.

I waited to upgrade (just did so last week) because I find that any software that is new needs to undergo several upgrades before it’s stable, but it seems that this is still very buggy. I hope they will be able to address this issue soon.

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Thanks for your feedback. I am experiencing exactly identical behaviour. Sometimes (after several attempts) it will publish but mostly it just crashes. I have tried going back to RW 7.2, but here again both of my sites crash. They both publish and export without issue when I revert to RW 7.1.7.

I, too, hope it will be resolved quickly.

One other thing that would be helpful is to be able to save the project file as a previous version format. I would be happy to go back to RW6. I have too much work in this project to rebuild it all again in RW6 so I will have to try and work with it but I won’t be using it again until this issue is fixed.

In your publish settings, try reducing the number of connections to three. That seems to have helped somewhat for me.


Many thanks for your suggestion. I have tried both the 3 and 2 settings for publishing but it appears to make only a very slight difference. Instead of having to try 4-5 times to get RW to export and publish it took 3-4. I hope that RW are busy working on fixing this. I’m very happy to send them my project if that would help.

Thanks again, Dave

Have you tried using Extended Passive mode in Publishing settings? This fixed a similar problem for me. And I found that I was even able to crank up the publishing speed after that.


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the hint. I am already using Extended Passive mode and have reduced the speed to level 3 from 4.


Hi Everyone- I’m experiencing the same problem. Since going from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2, I can no longer publish at all. This is a huge problem since my biz depends on my web site. As soon as I try to publish, RW goes unresponsive.

RW- Have you seen this at all elsewhere?

Setup: 10.11.6, RW 7.2.2 and all stacks and such up to date. MBP Late 2015 8/SSD. Would crash reports help?

EDIT: Actually, after a whole bunch of troubleshooting, it looks like its a theme problem. I don’t know a ton more, but I’ll continue to troubleshoot and report back anything worth noting.


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I’m having the exact same problem. Crashes right at the beginning of export. Only one project–the others publish fine. But with 7.2 all projects published fine (to my knowledge).

I had this problem and noticed that 7.2.2 seemed to be putting the publishing settings back to default of ‘passive’ rather than ‘extended passive’ that I had been using before. Once i changed them back again all has been fine.


None of the above solutions work for me… Can’t publish , can’t export. Any other ideas??

Are you having a problem with a new site or one updated from RW6 or 5? The intermittent issues I have had have only been with older ugrades.

Have you worked through Realmacs publishing article:

DITTO. RW 7.2.2 will NOT publish all files. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of connections. It crashes long before every getting to that. Why doesn’t REALMAC respond???

gnosis media is quite correct. I have still exactly the same problem. After some 5 or 6 attempts RW will occasionally publish. Can RW help us?

I have the same problems. When publishing a Website RW 7.2.2 crashes. Publishing a single Page works, but with sub-pages it crashes nearly always. I modified the settings in many ways, but without success.
They should do something.

There’s probably not much folks can say without detailed information about the project. I’d recommend sharing the project with some support folks.

I’ve written a post about how to do that:

What to do when RapidWeaver crashes:

Also good info:

I have just updated to PlusKit 4.0.1 and all appears to be working fine now. I had previously tried PlusKit 3 and 4.0 but with both of these plugins RW will only export or publish after five or six attempts. :slight_smile:

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