Cannot publish or export with RW 7.2.2

(David Waddington) #1

I have two RW websites both of which export and publish fine using RW 7.1.7. I recently upgraded to RW 7.2.2 whereupon both sites fail to export and/or publish (they crash part way during the export). Has anyone else encountered this issue?

(NeilUK) #2

I’ve updated from 7.1.7 to 7.2.2 and I haven’t experienced any problems at all. I’m busy using RW every day updating existing sites and publishing new ones. Everything works as expected.

(Frederick Potter) #3

I am experiencing the same issues. If I mark all files and assets as changed and then try to republish all files, it will pretty much crash every time. Often when I try to publish normally, it either crashes or gets hung up. If I cancel the publish, it will just sit there and do nothing. I have to force-quit and then re-launch Rapidweaver. The problem is so persistent that I have gotten into the habit of quitting Rapidweaver and then publish the site, which works two out of three times. So I just keep quitting and re-launching until I can get the site to publish.

I waited to upgrade (just did so last week) because I find that any software that is new needs to undergo several upgrades before it’s stable, but it seems that this is still very buggy. I hope they will be able to address this issue soon.

(David Waddington) #4


Thanks for your feedback. I am experiencing exactly identical behaviour. Sometimes (after several attempts) it will publish but mostly it just crashes. I have tried going back to RW 7.2, but here again both of my sites crash. They both publish and export without issue when I revert to RW 7.1.7.

I, too, hope it will be resolved quickly.

(Frederick Potter) #5

One other thing that would be helpful is to be able to save the project file as a previous version format. I would be happy to go back to RW6. I have too much work in this project to rebuild it all again in RW6 so I will have to try and work with it but I won’t be using it again until this issue is fixed.

(Frederick Potter) #6

In your publish settings, try reducing the number of connections to three. That seems to have helped somewhat for me.

(David Waddington) #7


Many thanks for your suggestion. I have tried both the 3 and 2 settings for publishing but it appears to make only a very slight difference. Instead of having to try 4-5 times to get RW to export and publish it took 3-4. I hope that RW are busy working on fixing this. I’m very happy to send them my project if that would help.

Thanks again, Dave

(Rob Beattie) #8

Have you tried using Extended Passive mode in Publishing settings? This fixed a similar problem for me. And I found that I was even able to crank up the publishing speed after that.


(David Waddington) #9

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the hint. I am already using Extended Passive mode and have reduced the speed to level 3 from 4.


(Bill Hall) #10

Hi Everyone- I’m experiencing the same problem. Since going from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2, I can no longer publish at all. This is a huge problem since my biz depends on my web site. As soon as I try to publish, RW goes unresponsive.

RW- Have you seen this at all elsewhere?

Setup: 10.11.6, RW 7.2.2 and all stacks and such up to date. MBP Late 2015 8/SSD. Would crash reports help?

EDIT: Actually, after a whole bunch of troubleshooting, it looks like its a theme problem. I don’t know a ton more, but I’ll continue to troubleshoot and report back anything worth noting.


(Eric Embacher) #11

I’m having the exact same problem. Crashes right at the beginning of export. Only one project–the others publish fine. But with 7.2 all projects published fine (to my knowledge).

(LJ) #12

I had this problem and noticed that 7.2.2 seemed to be putting the publishing settings back to default of ‘passive’ rather than ‘extended passive’ that I had been using before. Once i changed them back again all has been fine.

(John Spannenburg) #13

None of the above solutions work for me… Can’t publish , can’t export. Any other ideas??

(LJ) #14

Are you having a problem with a new site or one updated from RW6 or 5? The intermittent issues I have had have only been with older ugrades.

(LJ) #15

Have you worked through Realmacs publishing article:

Publishing woes
RW 7 Publishing not appearing on site
(Gnosis Media) #16

DITTO. RW 7.2.2 will NOT publish all files. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of connections. It crashes long before every getting to that. Why doesn’t REALMAC respond???

(David Waddington) #17

gnosis media is quite correct. I have still exactly the same problem. After some 5 or 6 attempts RW will occasionally publish. Can RW help us?

(Dieter Koehler) #18

I have the same problems. When publishing a Website RW 7.2.2 crashes. Publishing a single Page works, but with sub-pages it crashes nearly always. I modified the settings in many ways, but without success.
They should do something.

(Isaiah Carew) #19

There’s probably not much folks can say without detailed information about the project. I’d recommend sharing the project with some support folks.

I’ve written a post about how to do that:

What to do when RapidWeaver crashes:

Also good info:

(David Waddington) #20

I have just updated to PlusKit 4.0.1 and all appears to be working fine now. I had previously tried PlusKit 3 and 4.0 but with both of these plugins RW will only export or publish after five or six attempts. :slight_smile: