Accessing files from Rapidweaver

Is there a way to FTP site files through a different FTP client? I am having serious issues trying to get my site to publish. My hosting company believes it has something to do with the native file transfer in Rapidweaver.

Pretty weird, I have another Rapidweaver site hosted by the same company but it is easily updated.

I would appreciate any help… I need to get this site up as soon as possible.

Always worth a search first on the forum. Most questions have answers here already:

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I already did. I didn’t find a solution.

Change your publishing method settings to a local folder (from FTP or SFTP) and choose a folder (empty).
The use a standalone ftp like transmit or FileZilla to publish the files from the local folder to the host

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You can simply “File > Export Site” the project to a local folder, upload to your server using an FTP client of your choice (Transmit seems to be the most popular these days but there are plenty)

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