Export? Publish? Republish? Confused!

I know that RW has its own FTP publication method, however, I have been using Transmit for years with no issues (I’ve seen lots of publishing from within RW posts in this forum). Since I have a bunch of sites and they are all set up for me to include Transmit in my workflow, I’m not going to take a risk and change something thats not broken :-).

I imported several sites into RW7 - getting the transition process going - I then save and export the site to a fresh folder on my desktop and do a clean upload via Transmit, just to be safe that all files are fresh. It takes a bit more time deleting the RW6 created folders from my server, but if gives me more confidence. In RW6 I had the option to export changes only to my default folder, it seems that option has been eliminated from RW7. Once the destination folder is set up (using full site export the first time) , what is the correct next step to update the changed files in that folder? Is it export again, publish, republish? Prior to this update I would simply export changes to the local folder then sync it with the server.

Again, I really can’t take the time, or the chance to mess with the built in publish feature. Maybe at some point down the road. Can anyone provide me guidance as to making this an easy process again? Thank you!

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hey @Mark419good to see that someone else is not relying on the fabled ftp support of our favoured web app. i’ve been using “forklift” ever since i found it here in the forum and never went back. once i upgrade to #7 i most certainly will continue doing that!
cheers, tomas


From the manual: “Local Publishing
Previously known as Export, Local Publishing now means that exporting a local copy to your Mac is as quick and easy as regular publishing. RapidWeaver uses smart publishing to track changes too.”

So set up a local folder in the publishing setting and when you re-publish, RW7 will only publish the changed files. Fast and slick. You cal also set up FTP servers too, of course. There is a drop-down on the publish button that lets you direct where you want to publish.

Hope that helps.

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@garageshop Hi Mark,

Thank you for the info! Just so I understand - I have already exported the project to my desktop (using export site), so when I make changes would I select that folder and click “Publish Site To” or “Republish All Files”? I’m not sure, I guess if I need top set up the initial local folder using “Publish Site” as opposed to “Export”.

Thank you!

Hi Mark,

I would re-publish all just to make sure everything is in order, and then when you subsequently Publish, RW will use smart-publishing.

Since RW no longer has export changes, I guess RW assumes Publish locally will be used in the future. I can only guess that the reason Export Site is still an option, in case the user wants to do a “clean” export of all files.

So, re-publish all and then Publish in the future and you are all set.