Exposure theme updated to version 6

A beautiful theme to expose your personal brand to future clients or employees. Exposure is expertly designed and developed for anybody wanting to create an online resume for themselves or others. A flat design, crisp typography and mobile responsiveness make this theme perfect for the task.

Building and hosting your own resume website is not only a lot more fun, but is also more professional; compared with putting-up pages on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ etc. You have the choice of using your own domain name. Everybody should have an online resume to list past achievements and outline future goals. A great way to advertise oneself.

Exposure is not only limited to creating a really compelling resume website. Exposure could be great to use for a simple photography portfolio, a film making showcase or creative writing website. Or as a temporary ‘coming soon’ landing page. A couple of people have also found it useful for a single-page wedding website.

A little more about this update…

The original Exposure theme was developed by Henk Vriesalaar and followed a 2-column content / sidebar configuration with a banner and navigation bar at the top. This theme was not mobile compatible and sold in comparatively low numbers. This latest version of Exposure takes the original name, but applies and entirely new theme design. Everything in this latest version is new. Exposure is a free update for existing users, available by getting in contact via the website. Users still wanting a theme design like the original Exposure theme should look at using a theme like Panoramic, Stalker or Media instead.

Learn more about Exposure…

The title is correct. This is version 6 of the Exposure theme. There is no version 8 available. Version 6 is the newest version being announced today.

Yes… I figured that out about a minute after my post (which is now withdrawn)… Sorry… I have RW8 on my mind. Thanks for all you do Will!

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