Facebook feed stack

Anyone know of a good stack that can put a Facebook feed onto a page? I used to use Lifestream from Weaveraddons but this needs the key renewing on a regular basis.

Try - http://www.cosculture.com/plugins-stacks/product/facebook-plugins/

Thanks Rob, I have looked at that Stack but the Facebook feed says it’s for a Facebook page which makes me unsure whether it works with normal Facebook accounts or just Pages… A lot of the people who want Facebook feeds on their website have accounts rather than pages. It may be that it works for all types of Facebook account but it’s not obvious.

Rapid Ideas Social Stream stack?

Thanks again for taking the time Rob. I can’t tell from the website how old that Stack is and whether it even still works with Facebook. Looking at the demo page it doesn’t look like there are any FB messages on the feed but it’s difficult to tell…

Do you want to give me the FB details and I’ll plug them into the stack here and tell you what happens?

That would be really appreciated. What do you need, just the FB ID?

Looks like it just needs the FB user

Can you see what it does for ;


It won’t work with that because that’s a FB page. Social Stream only supports ordinary Facebook accounts.