FaceBook feed integrated with pages - ideally a stack

I don’t use FaceBook - and probably never shall :smile:

But I’m rebuilding a site that needs to integrate FaceBook content - ideally via a Stack, updated automatically.

I believe the site uses a FB timeline and not a ‘wall’.

Which Stacks for such Social Media (Twitter too would be nice) would you recommend, please?


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If Facebook would not have screwed up the API for their feeds, I would say use Joe’s Reblog stack, but that no longer works. Damn Facebook.

Thanks, zeebe; what about this?

Never tried it so I would not know.

I use the Social Stream stack to put Facebook posts in a school website and it works well.

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Thanks very much. jspencer2


New set of stacks from CosCulture are worth a look too.

Thanks, robbeattie. I think I can get something working thanks to everyone’s help here :slight_smile:

Has anyone worked out how to get the necessary Access Tokens etc for Twitter, please?

It’s not clear (to me) what the process is on the page in the HUD tip.


Yeah. It’s pretty unintuitive. You sign into the Twitter account you want to use and then go here - https://apps.twitter.com/ .

You then click Create New App. Follow the instructions to create a new app (I know you don’t want to create an app but this is the way Twitter delivers access tokens). Give it a name, description, URL and callback URL (I usually use the home page of my site for both of these) and then agree to the T&Cs and create the app. After that you should see your access token and any other info you need.

It’s a strange process but it does work.



Thanks so much! That’s extremely helpful. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m attempting the same process, but It’s not working. I don’t know if I should be using the Consumer Key and Secret, or if I need to use the Access Token and Key within Social Stream Stack. Will I be able to see this in preview as it does on Social Stream’s tutorial video?



Rob will correct me if I’m wrong; but - I successfully used the Consumer key and secret for Twitter.

Once entered correctly, Yes, you can see your (Twitter) stream in Preview.

For FB I used the RW defaults and the URL to the FB page in question.

Strange. I’ve done all of this without success.


Sorry to hear that.

What happens? You see… nothing?

It’s an unintuitive process. But Rob’s instructions - odd though the process to which he refers is - worked for me.

You may need to delete the Stack and re-introduce it to your page with all its defaults in place.

Great suggestion! Now it works. I even tried to then get FB to work and then Twitter stopped working, so I removed the stack and started over.

Now I can’t seem to get FB to load. Do you know if it’s possible to have more than one Social Stream Stack on a page (one for FB and another for Twitter)?

Thanks for the tip. When in doubt, start over.


I believe it’s only one of the four on any one page. Though I bet there are ways around that. Maybe Partials, Pluskit, Houdini?

I realized that my muddled attempts to get the keys had probably removed good starting points which are the RW defaults. Good luck!

I’m not sure that’s still around.



Thanks. No. This is all that seems to be on that site now.