Social media stream aggregator stack?

The Social Stream stack by Rapid-Ideas doesn’t seem to be available anymore, and Rapid-Ideas seems to have disappeared. There were also complicated issues about finding/getting the various keys or identifying bits of info that were needed to set this up. It was a great idea however. Is there a comparable EASY to set up stack that duplicates this functionality?

@Jody Social Stream is available - - but the developer seems to be running a sort of below-the-radar service where he promotes a theme and a stack each month for free (or rather pay what you think they’re worth). There’s no support any more, however, so you’ll need to approach with caution or be confident you can make it work.

Once set up, I’ve found Social Stream to be really nice. I certainly can’t think of another stack that mimics its features in a comparable way.

If I was looking for one though I’d go to

Good luck!


Thans Rob, I was a bit concerned reading about some of the difficulties people were having trying to get the info Social Stream needed from the various services. I will re-read any tech docs Rapid-Ideas has to make sure the “how to” part of this is explained clearly - and hopefully updated as the services change whatever they might change. The lack of support or continuing development for this is a concern. It would be great if a developer were to offer an easy stack to do this and continue to support it.