Facebook og meta property tags

Is it possible to insert Facebook og meta property tags in Rapidweaver 7?

Add them like any meta tags in the head section of the page inspector.

Thank you, Doug,

Is this definitive? I am asking because while Rapidweaver creates meta name tags, the Facebook og tags are meta property tags, and I see no way to create those in Rapidweaver 7, just as the case was in Rapidweaver 5.

Here is another method to add custom meta tags (including properties) that is new in RW7:


@teefers method is also fine. You are pasting the entire meta tag there yourself - RW is not generating the tag.

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Thank you, David,

This video was very informative. I get it now.

All that’s missing now is a way to Apply To All Pages... as was the case with Rapidweaver 5.

I have yet to figure out where this feature is hidden in Rapidweaver 7. Anyone knows?

Is this what you’re looking for?

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Thank you, Lisa. This could be it, assuming changes are reflected across the website. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

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From what I understand, anything in that area is site-wide… code, meta tags, headers, etc.

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If you are typing them by hand, then you can use what David(@thang) gave you.

If you are doing open graph tags, then one of the tags that FB requires is the URL (different per page).

I find it much easier just to type them in and edit then pastes the meta tags them self in the head section.

Here is the facebook Doc on the subject:

FB tends to move the Documentation around, but it should give you some samples and explain each tag property.

One great thing (if you can find it, they keep moving it) is the debugger.

Once you apply the tags to the live website enter the URL
It will give you a preview of what will be shared. Make changes and press the scrape again button.

Also here is an OG meta tag generator that seems to work ok:

The standard: