Rapidweaver Custom Attributes

(Matt Smith) #1

I have a query about Custom Attributes, can anyone help? I want to add a facebookHelper link to a social icon so that viewers can share directly to Facebook, is this possible?

(Brad Halstead) #2


There are many, many, many social sharing stacks in the community site, but if you’re wanting to do it on your own, might I suggest you go to the relevant social media website and investigate their developer tools for actual coding requirements and formatting…


(Matt Smith) #3

Thanks Brad - I was hoping it would be an easy set up - but I guess it won’t be. Will figure it out.

(Brad Halstead) #4


It is an easy setup, and I am confidant that you will figure it out, I am trying to encourage you to use the tools at your disposal so that the result is more rewarding and knowledgable to you… I don’t know about you, but I learn through research generally speaking and don’t look for the quick answer without having to do my homework as per the last podcast where @dan and @ben gave us homework yuck! Too old for homework lol

Once you find the code and you have further issues, let us know. The Facebook and Google Dev portals are very extensive and provide oodles of knowledge to be applied to any website with known issues, things to make sure you do, etc…

I’ll give you a hint though… start with FaceBook open graph tags :wink:


(Matt Smith) #5

Haha, everything I have learnt is through research and online tutorials (that includes 3D stuff, music, photography and house repairs!). I am up against a tight deadline with a heavy workload - I was hoping that by posting in the forum, it would help speed up the process. I can easily spend hours researching something until I figure it out - but at this time, its somewhat of a luxury. Thanks for the pointer towards Facebook open graph tags - will definitely look into it. Hopefully that will speed up the process, otherwise I will look for an alternative solution. Time permitting. :slightly_smiling:

(Brad Halstead) #6


Awesome. I understand deadlines

Ok, the quick theory

Facebook open graph meta tags need to be added to your page (site wide for the same page to be always referenced) or per page for each page to be referenced by itself.

An image is needed for each instance (page) that you reference through the open graph meta tags (The image has size specifications).

Once that is done, then you can set up a link to Facebook as a share link which will display the appropriate data for your website/page that will go on whomever posts the share on Facebook.

That’s the sum of it all…


(Brad Halstead) #7


Any resolution on this?

Try here


(Matt Smith) #8

Thanks Brad. I actually opted to buy the Share It Stack by Joe Workman as it does exactly what I needed. I will have to look into this when I have more time as it will be a skill I will need in future. Now I have 70+ courses to format on the website I am working on. Initially the share button was going to go onto each of those courses which would have been a tedious task.