Facebook Open Graph and SEO Helper problem

I’ve designed half a dozen sites using Rapid Weaver. My question concerns Facebook, and only on one part of one site. The rest work as intended.

I use Foundation, and Joe Workman’s SEO Helper (with Facebook Open Graph) on virtually all of my pages.

This works great. When someone copies a link to Facebook, it populates with the image, description, etc., that I have typed SEO Helper.

But on one page only, and its subpages, when a link is copied into Facebook, I get a generic placeholder:

Example Domain
This domain is established to be used for illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in examples without prior coordination or asking for permission.

It seems the settings are identical to other pages on the same site yet the others all behave properly.

The page below and all subpages to it have the same problem. Other pages on the ALL THINGS KENTON site behave properly.

Thanks for the help.

Terry Vosbein

Here is the link:

Hi Terry,
Sorry to hear you are having this issue. I notice you have the defender stack on that page. Is it on any other pages that work? I did not want to go through every page looking so thought I would ask.

Robert, Thanks for a quick response.yes, I have the defender Stack on every page on the site. I moved the SEO Helper out of the Defender Stack, to see if ht made a difference, but it didn’t.

On other pages I have the entire page in the Defender Stack, and they seem to work fine that way.