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My main site uses Foundation and I use Joe’s SEO helper (version 1) to add the social tags to my site for Facebook and Twitter.

The problem I have is that when SEO helper is on pages with Post Office stack etc, it pushes the Javascript to the bottom of the page, so I can’t have SEO Helper on those pages.

Is there another way of doing things so I can get different photos appearing with each page?

The SEO helper that came with the older version 1 foundation has different options.
It’s the pagespeed option that’s causing the compatibility issue.

  1. You can remove pagespeed stack from those pages, but leave the Facebook and Twitter stacks.
  1. Remove SEO helper and use the RW8 built in Facebook and Twitter meta tags. You can change the Image that loads for each page on the page inspector.

Pagespeed really doesn’t help much with actual total page loads. The same amount of data still needs to load.

Thanks @teefers Doug. So with SEO Helper, do you have to have the same image regardless of the page or can you still have different images for each page on the site?

Version 1 of SEO helper (came with Foundation 1) can be used the same as you are. You can have a different image on any page. The image is a URL(warehoused). Just delete the “pagespeed” stack:

If you want the Social tags done by RW8 the on the page inspector drag and drop the image and file in the other metadata there:

Thanks Doug; I really do appreciate that.

Just remembered make sure you do one or the other not both.

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