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I created facebook share button, but sharing image is the site logo and not post image. How I’ve to do?

Page here: http://www.trentinomese.it/ring_files/5d008c87e6de8937958b27e09b6e42e4-8.html

You need to google and read about og tags


Ok. There’s no stacks addon that make this?

If using RapidWeaver 8, you can enter your OG (Open Graph) data directly through the Page Inspector:

Watch the video titled ‘Social Media Meta Tags’.

No addons or stacks are required. RapidWeaver already has the necessary options to facilitate this.


It seems not so clear… Is it for twitter only?!

Twitter + Facebook and others that use OG.

Here’s an older one that might be useful :slight_smile:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6gC1yAwuCo&t=590s

There is one stack that I use called SEO Helper but it part of Joe Workman Foundation stack.

Ah ok, and what do you think about this?

I made this www.trentinomese.it and I want to be able to share on social posts.

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