ShareIt Stack and custom images

I’m using the ShareIt stack and it is randomly using an image from the page I’m putting the stack on. I’ve created the og metatags in the metatag section and also put them in the header of the page. However, the image I am pointing to in the tags is not being utilized for the shares. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, any help will be appreciated.


A URL to your site is always helpful.
Assuming your meta tags are OK when your “sharing” are you talking Facebook?

Facebook caches most all information.
You might take a look at this post and follow the instructions for testing and get FB to re-scrape your site.

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this has helped me move forward, however, I can’t seem to get the ‘description’ to work. I’m using the og:description metatag but it won’t work.


all work great. any help is appreciated!!

This is for the Facebook share. I haven’t even started looking at the twitter share…

figured this out. I had quotations in the description. when I removed them it worked!!

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now, is there a way to get the twitter share to work on a mobile device? And do the og metatags work with the twitter share?

Twitter has a different style of meta tag:

it seems that the twitter share would use a mixture of twitter meta tags and og meta tags. When I put them all in, I’m still not getting anything in the twitter share. ?? baffling…

Here’s the link, any advice?

according to that link, I can put in a mixture of twitter tags and og tags. When I do, I’m still not getting anything on the twitter share…

any ideas?

twitter card validator renders the card ok.

But when I click the share on the website, it doesn’t render any of the meta tag information…

Not sure what to suggest, I’m not at my Mac now, but I would guess it’s something to do with the Twitter link on the page. But again it’s just a guess on my part.
Might have a look with a browsers dev tools and check the link on the tweet button for format issues.

what I have found, using the Share It stack by Joe Workman…

Facebook shares from Web, Android and IOS fine.

Twitter Shares from Web and Android fine. But not IOS

Still trying to figure out Email Share.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on IOS. and I can’t find another stack for sharing…

any opinions?

Thanks for all your help!

Might try ShareStack from stacks4stacks, I’ve used it in the past and works well.

Like all of @willwood’s stacks, he has a free trial version to test.

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I told joe about this issue months ago, haven’t heard if there was a fix yet, I just started to use add to any instead

Interestingly enough, I bought sharestack and it works great on web, iPhone 6, galaxy s8. however, it doesn’t even show up on iPhone X or Galaxy edge 7. Seems very odd.

Any ideas as to why something like this would happen?

Are the devices in question running any Adblockers? Ad blocking sometimes messes with social icons.
Since you purchased it @willwood provides about as good as support as you can get.

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