Facebook Site Share Image

I have a client that’s running a contest in association with a tv show for the next several weeks. As you know, when you share a page on Facebook it randomly selects a choice of three images to display with the post.They would like the logo to display instead. I’ve read a few pieces on how to do this editing in a few lines of code, but I[m not a code person and don’t know what the process would be for accomplishing it in Rapidweaver. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

If you are running RapidWeaver 8, under the page inspector There is a section for social. There’s a place to put the image you wnat for that page. You may have to get facebook to re-scrape the page.

More info here:

Doug, where exactly is the ‘social’ section on Page Inspector. I’m not finding it. I’m also trying to get facebook to scrape the right image. Thanks!

Andy (@zamboknee),
I’m not near my Mac right now, and I don’t remember what tab it’s under. But it’s there, if someone else (at their Mac) could jump in here and maybe give a screenshot.

It’s on the 4th pane of the page inspector (right-hand sidebar).