RapidCart Pro and og:image

The ‘Facebook Like Button’ for each product page is sending the wrong image to Facebook

It is sending the first banner image on a page - but it should surely send the master image / primary image for the product for sale ??

or …

Am I doing something wrong ?

Are you able to add code specific to each product page which sends the correct image to Facebook ?

meta property=“og:image” content=“url of master image.jpg”

Many thanks


Rapidweaver, shouldn’t you allow me to mark one of the images on each page as the preferred og:image

Then shouldn’t that info be published as metadata ?

In my Rapidweaver Blog pages - “og:type” is getting set to ‘website’ … when it should be set to ‘blog’

(or am I not getting something here ? )

There is meta-data set-up here that Rapidweaver 8 should handle ??

Given that it doesn’t - can somebody tell me how I over-ride ‘og:image’ and ‘g:type’ (and so on) tags

Thank you


Given that RW8 adds a tag for twitter:creator, why aren’t you adding a tag for fb_username ??

Can anyone help me understand this stuff - such that I can make my site Twitter / FB happy ?



All product images are defined in og:image Open Graph metadata, also the first banner image.

Hi Rob

  • that sounds great, but …
    … When I click the facebook button next to a given product … how do I control the product description & image that pops up in the ‘Share on Facebook’ dialog box ?

Here’s my example product :

The chair should pop up - but the cat apron does instead : (

Thanks if you can help me : )


The theme you are using overrides Open Graph metadata set by RapidCart Pro.
This is why you see default website metadata in Facebook Share window.
Please contact the theme developer in order to know how to remove them or, at least, move them at bottom, so RapidCart Pro metadata are the first ones to be read.

Thank you Roberto - and thanks for your awesome RapidCart Pro !

It’s Will I think - I’ll ask him !


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