Social tags not updating [solved!]

I’m on Mac OS 10.15.6. All my RW8 plugins seem up-to-date.

One of my rapidweaver pages (RW8) is for a class I teach where the social tags need to be changed from time to time. When I change the image and description under “Generate Social Tags,” neither will update when I post the page link to FB, LinkedIn.

I have tried:

  • using disk utility first aid
  • restarting the Mac and republishing entire site

I’m not remotely a programmer - is there a simple fix for this?


Facebook stores this data in their own database. You are probably seeing what they have cached.

You can have them re-scrap your page.

Don’t know about LinkedIn.

Have a look here for the steps for FB.

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Thanks SO much, @teefers ! Fastest solution I’ve ever gotten. :sunglasses:

I rescraped on FB and LinkedIn and all was updated without going into any further code in Rapidweaver.

Here are the links:



Glad you got it working. You will need to re-scrape every time you change if you want it reflected right away.

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