Failure when receiving data from the peer

After upgrading to Catalina 10.15.1 and RW 8.4.1 (20817) I get a failure
“Failure when receiving data from the peer.”
I’m not aware what causes it - Catalina or RW - but with earlier versions there were no problem.

I found discussions about this issue in 2015 with RW 6 and 7 - the solution at that time were to close RW and start again and it still is the only way to solves the failure.

I have used same hosting company since January 2019, before that I used another host since the beginning of 2013, and never observed this failure and.

Is it a bug and/or do I have to live with it.

From memory a major cause of this is when Rapidweaver fails to close a connection to the server - hence, closing RW completely did seem to work for some people back in the day. Not heard of this being a specific issue with Catalina?

As a workaround - and some people only ever publish like this - you can ignore the RW publishing system by exporting your site to a folder on your Mac and then ftp the exported folders/files to your server using Transmit, Yummy, Fetch or any other ftp client.

I’m using Forklift, which I use for many other purposes.
But it’s a workaround - not a solution.
Can’t remember when upgrading to RW 8.4.1 but I’m sure it was before upgrading to macOS 10.15, which I did 4 weeks ago, so I think that macOS causes it?

could be - but I don’t think Catalina users are generally having this issue. I remember it happening with RW7 - it eventually just stopped doing it without any explanation! never found an actual fix.

Out of interest, do you have any older, perhaps unsupported plugins installed? Might be worth disabling plugins and trying some test publishing - adding them back one at a time.

Good point. Could be a reason - here’s my historie.
When upgrading to Catalina I didn’t use backup from my old iMac (bought a complete new iMac at the same time) I made a clean install and just used backups of documents etc.
I therefor installed RW from scratch and only installed most essential to me, like Foundry, Foundation, TotalCMS, basic and a couple more.
There was no warnings from Catalina about outdated stacks, plugins or thems, which I was aware of when reading bulletins from other user and Realmac/RW developers.

Old Plugins are the only thing that should be being effected by the “Catalina Gatekeeper” problem.

The “Failure when receiving data from the peer“ message usually can happen from firewalls or an over loaded server.

You could follow the RealMac knowledge base article and grab the log files and either have a look yourself or send them to RealMac support (@Aaron).

Since you haven’t posted any information on the publishing settings or the hosting company, it’s difficult to say for sure what might be causing the issues.

Some general suggestions

  • use SFTP not FTP as the protocol - it’s a lot more reliable and secure
  • Use an IP address for the host name (removes DNS lookups from every request)
  • re-enter all your login credentials just like a new setup
  • try the test button first
  • clear the path and hit the browse button, then select the path

As @manofdogz mentioned, I haven’t seen this being reported here as an issue with Catalina or RW 8.4.x, so it’s probably something unique with your configuration/setup.

Thanks Doug - I appreciate your good advices / guidance.
I’ll try follow them and look if it removes failure.
Maybe irrelevant, but to your knowledge, I can tell that my host for the last year is AzeHosting, a Danish company that uses servers in Denmark and Germany. A reliable company that for a low cost gives a lot of god services. I resell domain hosted on a dedicated server hosted by Azehosting. Previous host doubled their prices - that’s why I moved to Aze.
Some domains I update, others are sold as CMS - and previous I have only observed minor failures with RW, hosts, etc.
Thanks again and have a nice weekend

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