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Hi in the app store it says that Rapid Weaver can be shared with up to 5 family members. How do you do that?
I wouldlike to work on my MacBook as well as my main Mac computer without having ti buy another copy.

As long as you are logged into the same iCloud and App Store account on both computers you can download it again (free of charge) from the App Store.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks I have done that and it has worked.

And if you want to use the same stacks and themes etc, you need to export them from the one where they are installed and export them and import them on the other computer. (Addons/Export Addons Library)

This can be a bit of a nite mare when using two Macs wing RW. As new stacks and updates have to be kept current on the machines . If you purchase new stacks then again they have to be installed on both or more machines. Also working on the same project gets ridiculous.
I work from home and a workshop, so I needed a system where I could do work on a site from home then go to work and pick up the project there. I cannot recommend too much.
I have all my addons ( linked through RW ) and projects in a folder on the desktop, go to work and do a site then go home and carry on. It all syncs very quickly. Theres a free version up to a gig ( I think ) Its very easy to set up.

You say it is a nightmare but I have not found this to be the case. Yes, of course you need to do updates on both machines and if you purchase a new stack, it needs to be installed on both machines but that is just a bit of management.
I keep all my projects in their respective folders in iCloud so when I use one machine or the other, the latest versions of the projects are always available.
The only pain I have experienced has nothing to do with this but when you use a local server to publish to and then want to publish subsequently to the real host, it has a tendency to want to upload all the resources, even though they may not have changed. In my case that is over 1,600 files and can cause a problem.

Yes I understand it’s not for everyone. I have a commercial sign & design shop so I could easily be working on 3/4 websites, Ebay graphics shops, print files and several van designs a week, I needed something faster, reliable that doesn’t hog my broadband. Everything is shared via one folder on the desktop. I just thought the suggestion may be useful to others in a similar situation.

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