FAQ 2 arborescence

(Aurelio ) #1

Hi there !
any way to make arborescent FAQ’s instead of multiplying the pages ?

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

I have no idea what you mean. Are you looking at a specific product? Or How to do something? Can you show an example?

(Aurelio ) #3

here’s the example : the sub-FAQ closes immediately when you click on it




(Aurelio ) #4

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Yes, I see the problem now. I don’t know if there is a way around it for the FAQ2 stack. Have you contacted Doobox? I did try with the Ivy accordion stack (very similar) and what you are trying to do works just fine. I think it should work with FAQ2 but I’m not seeing an obvious way to accomplish your goal.

(Aurelio ) #6

thank you !
i’ll check Ivy’s solution waiting for doobox to answer.