Problems with Ivy 2.5 stack

Hi there,
I am using an Ivy stack (v. 2.5.0) for articles on this website: Foren | Weg der Versöhnung (click on Gesellschaftsverantwortung).
Suddenly, without any known cause, the content is open for all items, instead of only for the first item according to the setting “General”. I have tried uploading the whole site, various changes in the settings – all items keep on being open on the website, while in preview the stack works as it should do.
Does anybody have a clue why and how it can be remedied?


Inside of the first Ivy item you have a very large item for content.
Nothing wrong with Ivy!

Thanks for the response, but I am not sure that Ivy is fully functional. Despite the settings that only the first item should be open, all 15 or so are open. And they cannot be closed by clicking. Also, the “switch” that should allow visitors to open or close all items (see screenshot) does not work.
I know that I am using different stacks and plug-ins, in nested ways, when I built this page (including PlusKit). However, it was working until recently and I am not aware that I changed anything lately.

It looks like you have Ivy inside of a tabs stack, which is also inside of an accordion (FAQ Stack I think?) stack. This is too much. You’re piling thing on top of thing on top of thing. Placing stacks that hide and show content like this within each other is often bound to cause problems. If you Place Ivy outside of those other stack does it work as it should? Try creating a new blank Stacks page and copying and pasting that Ivy stack onto the empty Stacks page. I suspect it’ll work fine.

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Thank you, Adam, for your feedback. This over-stacking had been working until recently. Now there was a straw that broke the camel’ back, it seems. I will need to rework and simplify the page…

Again, thanks for your help.

Keeping things simple is always preferable. Both code wise and for your visitors as well.

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