New FAQ 2 stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today Doobox released the new version of our popular FAQ stack.
FAQ is an accordion type stack allowing the presentation of agony many other things, FAQ sections of your website. But use it for anything you like really.
FAQ 2 is built exclusively for the Stacks version 3 plugin, taking advantage of all the great new features of the Stacks 3 api.

You can see a demo of the new FAQ 2 stack in action here.

What’s new in FAQ 2?

  • Unlimited items
  • Re-order items by dragging position at any time.
  • Add and remove items at any time.
  • Colour transition effects for the various states of the title bars for each of the items.
  • Animated title bar icons that animate when the state of an item changes from open / closed.

There are just enough optional settings to allow you to fit the stack into your current design seamlessly, without overburdening you will superfluous options, and allowing you to deploy the stack in moments.

Kind regards
Gary Simpson

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LOL! - Was asked just 2 days ago if it was possible to include a Q&A on one of my clients sites - this fits the bill perfectly, so downloaded - Thanks.

I purchased FAQ and installed it, but it won’t appear in my library. I’m using RW 6.3.7 and Stacks 3.2.6.
I have made sure the stacks file is in the right library folder.