Favicons, looking for information

Have RW 5. Can’t find any information about Favicons. I imagine they must be .ico but is there a limit on pixel size? I’ve tried a 32x32. The Setup Favicon box accepted it. But publishing it did nothing. No Favicon. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. bob

16x16px is the size afaik. it does work for me.

@waterloobob We developed the Rapid Icons app to create multipart retina ready favicon.ico files from a single image.
The favicon the app creates for you contains many image sizes to keep all the browsers and devices out there happy.
It’s all completely drag and drop.
You can find more info here : http://www.doobox.co.uk/apps/app_demos/rapidicons.html

Bought and used Rapid Icons (nice app btw) to create the Favicon. Found out, through super support, some things about Favicons I did not know. That said, when I deleted the old Favicon and inserted the new then published, the new Favicon does not show up. The old Favicon remains. Size, as was advised, is 254 x 254. This seems like a very simple process but obviously I’m missing something key. Any ideas?

@waterloobob favicon are notorious for caching. You changed the image but the browser still sees the same filename. If you look on another machine or in another browser you will see the new one is there. Give it some time and it will appear in the browser you are using. If you are really impatient, you can clear the browser history and cache, but a bit heavy handed to confirm its there. If you reuploaded the site everyone else is seeing the new one :smile:

You are right again. Opened it in another browser and voila. Thanks for your help.