Do you have time to evaluate my website?

My site was build by myself a number of years ago. Apart from minor tweeks along the way I haven’t really got to grips with it in terms of making meaningful improvements which will help it’s google ranking.
I certainly get business from it, but I should be getting more as my pricing is service, range of products and pricing is good. But I never seem to have the spare time to make the improvements I need to do!
I have very limited html skills and I spend ages researching SEO, whereas what I really want is direct pointers to what steps I need to take to help the site. I know there are some basic errors there!
I can take the criticism, so be as honest as you wish. I Iike to think I am objective as I have 25+ years graphic design experience. What I lack is detail website knowledge.
Would really appreciate any help please:)
(Built on an embarassingly old v4.4.2 using using MAC OS X 1,5.8)

hi @chalkboard, the first thing you should do is to give your site a responsive behaviour :slight_smile: it doesn’t seen to work too on my iphone.
cheers, tomaswell

Thanks Tom. Certainly it’s lacking in that department. What is the easieat way to fix that? Change to a different Theme? I may migrate to a new Weebly based platform. Will be easier for me to build, but worried I will lose the basic ranking I have achieved so far. Or am I wrong to worry about it?

hi @chalkboard, if you design your site with rapidweaver i would recommand getting “foundation” stacks and theme by @joeworkman. not only are they a breeze to work with (once you went through the very well made videos by joe workaman) but also it will give you all the “responsivness” you’ll ever need. good luck,

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I understand that you have a good number of products to sell but I find your home page as well as other pages overly cluttered. I think you might consider more white space which might help the viewer find a specific focus. Keep it simple and focused.

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I agree with Hanko. I also think it is a myth that only a good SEO ranking sells products. SEO only help to find your site at the web, but at the moment a visitor is online, your site has to keep him watching. I think, most of your visitors will leave your site within the first 5 seconds, because at you landing page is no focus visible for me.
Most of my costumers think, now my new website is online and I will sell a lot without doing any other kind of product promotion. The true is, they only sell, if they use traditional marketing strategies like advertising, brochures, email, newsletters and of course Facebook and twitter to promote products - endless.
See your landing page as catalog cover and all other sites as catalog sites. Like a printed magazine, your cover should keep the visitors attention - then he will visit more of your sites and maybe buy a product.

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I agree with some of the other comments - Foundations is a great theme to build everything from the ground up. I would recommend a complete overhaul with foundations to add better responsiveness and give it a more 2015 feel.

My overall impression is that I would eliminate the multi colored and textured background and go with a more muted monochrome background. That way you will be able to tell where the product information is rather than just thinking it is part of the background. Also, I would remove the credit card logo from your landing page - that is important space and everyone online accepts credit cards. One last thing, the font on your phone number seems a bit off - the color and borders to it seem a little fuzzy. These are just a few things. When doing the re-design, I would think very hard about each item you are including in the page and decide if you really need to have it there.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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