Site critique: opinions, please

I have almost finished a new website for an association. They bring concerts, dance shows, flamenco, tango, jazz, art expositions…

I would love it if you could give me your opinion, improvements, etc.

Thanks in advance.

A very nice site!
What I like: the slideshow on the “home page”, the consistent typography and color scheme, the structure (even I’m not getting all details due to a lack of spanish language capabilities it seems even I can easily navigate the site).
What I don’t like: the elements need more whitespace (in this case: black space ;-), they are all too close to each other and particularly too close to the window edge. This goes particularly for the headings (e.g. Fotos, Arte, eventos privados).
And the sections within the one-page-design aren’t distinguishable - usually one page websites use different colors to separate the “screens” as the visitor scrolls down. You are using black backgrounds everywhere and since the images are all fading into black on at least one side there is no visible “border” between the sections. I would consider using at least alternating background colours to get a better identification of the sections.

Very good indeed. I agree with @therealmf that the left and right margins could be wider and that more spacing in general could improve it.

Thanks for your reply, @therealmf.
My idea was getting away with the the banded website approach, and being more close to a paper, a flyer even.
Although I will take your opinion in consideration, thanks again.

I’ll keep an eye on what you’re telling me, @peterdanckwerts.
Thanks for your answer.