Which stack? and where?

Having brought RW7 from a 2015 iMac to a MacStudio and having bought RW Classic, I am unable to publish my site because it says the “Stacks” plug-in is missing and I should try searching for it in "our’ stacks catalog on the Rapidweaver Community website and redownloading it.

Thinking perhaps i might not have copied all the stacks from the iMac i did that again - went to the site library in Findre, copied them on a usb and put them in a folder on the Studio then followed the advice to move them all to the Applications folder - which I did by double clicking each one, one by one. I don’t think it meant the Applications folder that i think of but another in the dephs. Didn’t make any difference. The "stacks’plug-in is still missing.

Vistit the Commuinity Site. Firstly it doesn’t tell me which stugin and since nothing on the site can be seen i. assume it’s the very basis stack or whatever. Secondly therre are more than 100 stacks on the RW Community site so it could be anywhere. In the hope that the advice would be more helpful, i entered ‘stacks’ in the index but that word doesn’t differentiate between all the others so I gave up and generously bought a fresh batch of all from YourHead. Still didn’t work.

Here now - in the hope of getting more help on this board as to what i should be looking for, please. In the meantime, i’ll. keep the 2015 iMac as my site is a valuable resource.


Ps - in the hope that some kind person(s) is helpful, please do not think me ungrateful but the time now is 21:34 (GMT0 and on Saturday morning I get up at 0400 to go to the supermarket so I’ll return here tmorrrow afternoon sometime.

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Thanks Dan, i’ve clicked the link. and downloaded but i don’t have time currently to try. after I do, perhaps tomorrow some time, i’ll let you know if it works.

Sounds like you have your “stacks” installed, but not the actual “Stacks Plugin”.

You just need to download and install the main Stacks Plugin, here’s the link:

I’m assuming you’re on version 4 of the Stacks plugin as it sounds like you’ve not updated that recently, older and newer version are available here if you need them.

Once you have that installed you should be back up and running.

Hope that helps.

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