File (.pdf) not uploading (ftp)

Good afternoon.

I have RW7 and a site hosted on the developers recommend host (A2 Hosting). I use the FTP function to update the site.

For some reason an updated .pdf file won’t upload (although the software indicates that it does). When I visit the site the “old” version is still there …

Also, I updated the footer to reflect “2018” v. “2017” and that isn’t updating either.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Bill Arnold

It’s hard to troubleshoot without a URL.

The “Contact” page … specifically the “Resume” link …

Thank you for your help.


The footer is showing 2018? Did you try clearing your browser cache? I don’t know what the resume should look like but I see stuff from 2018 on it and this is the link I get.

2018 National Association of REALTORS® - Sustainability Advisory Group, Member
2015 - 2018 National Association of REALTORS® - Land Use, Property Rights and Environment Committee

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No … I didn’t.

I’m glad you’re seeing the correct info though.

But, your seeing 2017 not 2018 (the .pdf is the correct version).


I was seeing 2018 in the footer as well. I think you might have been seeing what was in your browsers cache.

You nailed it. Thank you for your assistance …

Bill Arnold

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