Publishing problems 5.4.1

I’ve been away from Rapidweaver for some time now, mainly as I hardly get involved with design any more but the site that I originally built I can’t seem to update any longer even though my password is recognised. When publishing, the carousel that shows the changes moves ok & I get a message to say the update has been successful but when looking at the site, nothing appears to have changed at all.

Have read about some issues with 5.4.1 which is the version that I have do I need to buy an update just to get the site t upload please? Sorry if i missed something but the clue is in my username :slight_smile:

Do you have an ftp app or access to Cpanel on your host?
You need to see if the pages are actually making it to the server.

You didn’t give any details or a url so here are just a few things the might be going on:
You modified something causing the page to change from .html to .php and the server is still serving the .html page. If this is the case, you need to manually delete the old .html page.
You need to clear your browser cache
You are using a CDN (cloud flair or similar) and that cache needs updated
The pages are not getting to the host at all - ftp problem
The pages are publishing to the wrong directory

Wow, thanks very much for the quick reply Scott, much appreciated!
The domain is I’ll crack on with your suggestions & see where I end up

is it really : ?

Here is what I see:

Yes, sorry thats correct & it’s the site that you can see. Not sure why but when I amend the pages in Rapidweaver & then publish through the FTP to one .com nothing seems o change. Have spoken to & they’ve reset at their end so I’m guessing its something in at my side

start with the basics then:
double check (even re-enter) the ftp publishing settings in RW - be sure credentials and directory are correct
Check with host and see if any errors when you try publish
Do you have an FTP app (transmit, yummy ftp etc)? if so what happes if you export site locally and upload with the ftp app?

Will check thanks Scott, I haven’t used an FTP app no - too much of a novice for that to be honest :slight_smile:

okay, good luck :-),

While you are in there changing things you may want to fix the responsiveness or pick a different theme.
looks like this on phone type is running over itself:

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Good shout - time for an overhaul I think…
Thanks very much for your help, much appreciated

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