(Roger Reber) #1

Has anyone experience with FileMaker-Integration with a RapidWeaver-Website (i.e. Shop, etc.)?

Any hints or comments would be appreciated.

Have a great day.

(Mark Sealey) #2

This thread is probably leading in the same direction.

(Ryan Thorpe) #3

I too have hoped for a solution. None exists that I know of yet.

However, I would point you to

I signed up as a customer and we’re working on our first project.

Charles Delfs is the man behind this and he’s more than available for demos, training, etc.

(Angel Ars) #4

What part of the site are you trying to integrate? Usually you’ll need database access. If you have this then it’s usually pretty straight forward.

(R L) #5

@titanium76 what are their hourly rates or do they sell packages?

(system) #6

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