Rapidweaver & Filemaker sitting in a tree

(Ryan Thorpe) #1

I’m curious if there’s any interest in a real Rapidweaver/Filemaker solution?

I’ve got some ideas but first wanted to get a sense of interest levels.

(scott williams) #2

I would have an interest in that

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #3

I am interested too

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(Mark Sealey) #4

Yes, so would I also have an interest, please.

(Doug) #5

Yup. I am interested.

(Ryan Thorpe) #7

@SteveB I’m talking about essentially bringing what WebDirect does to RW. I believe it would be a game-changer for my business.

(Nate Eckley) #8

Id be all over it.

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(Lutz Cleffmann) #9

Would be just great.

(George Peacock) #10

I would also be very interest in this.

(Jan Fuellemann) #11

Me as well!

(I just love these character counts)

(Gianluigi) #12

Me too!
I am interested.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #13

Would be great :slight_smile:

(Paul Takeuchi) #14

I would definitely be interested. I think there would be a lot of demand. Have you actually started development of a plugin?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #15

Can you give me some more insights about your requirements? What should be possible exactly?
Creating a form in FileMaker, display that form in RW?

(Greg Schneck) #16

Years ago I used FileMaker to create web pages. I had a backend cart and I generated the front end web pages out of Filemaker. I created a product page template and I housed the code segments and product text in Filemaker. I then did an “export” of html fields and product text fields to “build” the static page. Worked very well. And actually very simple. Would be glad to give more detail if anyone is interested. That was many years ago, almost no css and styles were pretty much hardcoded in the html (similar to todays inline css).

(Terry Vosbein ) #17

Ditto. i would love to be able to incorporate date from FileMaker databases into my research sites.

(Tim Dietrich) #18

I thought I’d share this, because I think it’s a good example of what you can do when you combine RapidWeaver and FileMaker. It’s a site that we “soft launched” last night: http://www.vcpe.org/

The site’s “school search” function (http://www.vcpe.org/schools/) pulls data from a hosted FileMaker database. The front end was developed with RapidWeaver (including Stacks and Foundation). The back end was developed using Xojo (http://www.xojo.com). There’s also integration with the Google Maps API and Mailjet (https://www.mailjet.com). I’m happy to answer any questions about the site and the technologies that were used to create it.

It would be nice to see RapidWeaver add-ons that help with this type of integration.

(Paul Russam) #19

@timdietrich Damn! that’s some nice integration you’ve got going on there … well done

(Paul Takeuchi) #20

@instacks, my personal interest is less two way communication with Filemaker than just displaying records from a catalog and being able to search by categories and keywords and display a grid of found items. I asked for help on Weavers Space here:

(Paul Takeuchi) #21

Tim, I’d be interested to learn more about your Xojo backend to access a filmmaker server and display searched for records. Can you provide any links or resources on how complex this is? Thanks for your help.