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@timdietrich you were developing a stack to work with Filemaker. Any progress to report? Filemaker is doing some very incredible things with version 19 and would love to see your rw stack integration.

Most significant among them, perhaps, is full two-way JavaScript integration.

See this thread too.


I’ve been experimenting with the new Javascript-related functions in FileMaker 19, which make it possible to easily interact with the contents of a Web viewer. They open up a world of interesting possibilities.

I was particularly interested to see what I could do with RapidWeaver-based content in a Web viewer. So I created a simple page, which contains a form with a few fields on it. When a record loads in FileMaker, the form’s fields are set using values from the record.

But in this case, where things get really interesting is with the communication going in the other direction (from the Web viewer to the database). So I configured the form to automatically update the record in the database when a field on the form changes. A video showing this is included below.

As RapidWeaver developers, we have a really amazing Web design / dev tool that we can use to create alternative, browser-based layouts and layout controls (graphs, etc) for FileMaker.




Yes, I do have some progress to report. This past week I spent some time wrapping up the first release of the plugin, which I’m now calling “FM Publisher.”

It consists of two stacks: A “base” stack and a “portal” stack.

The FM Publisher Base stack is used to connect to a FileMaker database and specify what records you want to publish and how they should be displayed. You can publish data from a single record or multiple records. When publishing multiple records, you can choose to filter and/or sort the records. This screenshot shows the base stack and its options.

The FM Publisher Portal stack is used to publish related records. With this stack, you specify how each related record (“portal row”) should be displayed.

I plan to release the stack this week.


Fantastic. Thanks, Tim!

Awesome cool. This is real progress. Thank you.

Here’s some more information on the FileMaker stack that I’m working on.

I made a lot of progress on it over the weekend, and it’s much closer to being ready for release.


Tim -

I do a lot of work in Filemaker and have even TRIED to do some Web Publishing within the app but it’s lack of support for content resizing made it unusable, especially if you need both desktop and mobile layouts. I am ALL over this product of yours if it can give me the Filemaker backend with a RapidWeaver layout!

This does appear to be for data VIEWING only at this time. It would be great if it could be used for data capture as well, especially for saving forms to Filemaker. I do this to MySQL now and then use ODBC to view the entered information, but a Filemaker form can be so much more useful allowing for conditions, etc.

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I’d love to have something for Filemaker that makes complex layouts. I don’t get why its still not possible to do anything more than simple layouts in Filemaker.

How does this stack work with licensing for Filemaker?

They moved to a subscription based pricing model about a version or so ago.
Rather than purchasing a license outright you had to buy a monthly subscription for a minimum of five devices at $15 per seat. You also needed to either host the database yourself or rent space on somebody else’s server.

All in five access points cost approximately $150 per month.
If you wanted to have access to the database from more than five devices you had to pay another $15 per month per device.

What happens if you host a database on your website and it resonates with the public?
Does it cost another $15 each time someone accesses the database?

I guess, it depends on API volume your licence has and not on a single access point. But maybe I’m wrong

Hi Mark. Just to be clear for those not familiar. The link you posted is for the Claris hosted Filemaker Server. For those who desire to host their own server here’s the link Claris FileMaker Server Pricing (your own on-premise server)

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FM Publisher uses the FileMaker Data API. Information on Claris charges for that can be found here:

Thanks Tim. There’s just such a depth of what can be done with Filemaker for 5-99 users at only $15 mo per user, I find it to be reasonably priced and powerful. The support community is large and active. Looking forward to easily integrate with RapidWeaver.

I too would be really interested in a Filemaker set of Stacks.

FM or Claris as it is now, is a great database and IDE but its web access facilities can be painful.
The licensing can be a bit complex as alluded to above.

Be really good to see when launched.


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