Fillable forms stack

Hi looking for stack for fillable questions form that them sends the completed form to me via email. I have tried FormsPlus from Chilliedog but it is not really user friendly.

I use FormSnap…and love it…

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Hi Joe, is it simple and easy to set up?

Not bad…and they give you a great sample file…

Hi I foolishly bought the Chillidog FormSnap and found it really complex, back up was quick but tutorials and explanations very poor and of course no refund at all so would never recommend! I then used FormPro from Elixir which is excellent, very user friendly and great features see it at Tour questionnaire page.

I think you mixed up some manufacturers and products. Isn’t FormSnap by Yapdab? Chillidog has FormsPlus which I think is well documented and I use it in some projects.

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