RWML + Formloom 3?

Hi there!

I am building my first multilingual page. Because it requires stacks I need to substitute template’s Contact form page with stacks page. What stack or plugin do you recommend?

Yabdad Inc Forloom3?
Foundry or Foundation?

RW 7.4
YourHead Stacks 3
Tsjoo RWML

In respect of the contact form I’ve used Formloom 3 on perhaps 40 sites and recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s simple to make a basic form but has plenty of capability if you want to go further. Certainly in a different league to the built in form, and a very nice interface. As you’re probably aware it has a stack that comes with it and this works perfectly to integrate the plug into a stacks page if desired - just remember to set the link and choose ‘No Theme’ in the set up. Formsnap is also good but since Formloom 3 came along with a stack, Formsnap has been a less appealing proposition as it is more fiddly.

If you go with Foundry or Foundation it would make sense to use their respective contact forms if they meet your needs. I can’t comment on how well Formloom 3 works with either although I believe it has been tested with Foundry and works well. I doubt there would be any issues.

Also might want to check out formsplus

@TapioMichael – From my preliminary experiments with FormsPlus stack (same one recommended by Doug) in combination with RWML stacks, it looks like they should work together OK, but I never got to the conclusive stage.

look good and reminds me there is another interactive Form from 1LD - Siphon - Stylish Forms and Funnels for RapidWeaver not tried either and don’t know how much functionality is offered but both look great for user experience.

I use FormLoom 3 plugin and really like it but am not sure about using it with Foundry. I’ve always used it with fully built themes and now I’m getting into Foundry.

On the FormLoom 3 inspector it has a tick box “no theme - use FormLoom3 stack” but how do I use that?

On the Yabdab website they only have FormSnap stack no FormLoom3 stack?? And sadly their help info is not very detailed and there doesn’t seem to be a video tutorial for the FormLoom3 Stack, yes for FormSnap and FormLoom Plugin but not the FormLoom3 Stack.

I’m not sure if Yabdab is still updating and maintaining their products…it doesn’t look like the stacks have been updated or the tutorial videos updated in a very long time.

I have other form stacks but really like the flexibility offered in FormLoom3 except that it is a plugin rather than a stack.

Any suggestions and advise would be appreciated.


The formloom stack should come bundled with the plugin. You just add the stack to wherever you want the form to appear and set the link in the stack to point to the plugin page. You also need to set the plugin page not to appear in navigation. That’s it. Works perfectly in foundry.

It is still supported though v4 is also being developed currently. There’s a recent thread about this.

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Hi Stuart,
Sorry if I am a bit uncertain…I have only been using built themes which FL3 has been brilliant in but now I am starting to use Foundry and want to still use FormLoom.

I don’t seem to have the FormLoom3 stack in my stacks list.

How do I go about re-downloading FormLoom please, so I can install the FL3 Stack? I can’t find my original dmg file, must have deleted it when I installed.

Cheers Scott

Can you find the email/invoice from Yabdab? That will have a download link in it which will download a zip with the plugin and the stack. Failing that I’d contact Yabdab to see what they can do for you.

Thanks Stuart, I have managed to just download it from the Yabdab website, there is a download link to FL3 and the stack was in that dmg file.
I’m just having a look at the FL3 stack now actually.
Thanks for your help.
Cheers Scott

Just wanted to share what I recently learned,
Formloom3 can be used multiple times on same site or even same page.