Filter Stack - latest update causing problems

HELP! I’ve been using the Filter Stack on our website as a kind of business directory. There was a recent update and now the appearance of the new ‘products’ (business logo) I have added are very different. Previously, regardless of the logo size, the column size remained the same and there was a thin grey border around the logo. The latest logo files I have added are much wider and have no border. What I am missing? Or did something that wasn’t broken get fixed?

It would be helpful if you provided a link to the relevant page. Also there are a lot of Filter stacks out there. Can you state who the developer is? In turn that might really help you get a quicker response.

Thanks and sorry for my late reply. It was the Filter stack by Yabdab. but strangely enough I was able to fix it today (after taking a 2-month vacation from the website).