Yabdab's Filter Stack

Has anyone bought Yabdab’s new Filter Stack?

I have questions about it, but Yabdab refuses to answer them. Have sent several questions using their “Have a question” link, but no answers and it’s been weeks. Grrrrr!

OK, so if anyone has actually purchased this stack, can you please answer the following?

Does the gallery option of the stack allow for lightbox?

Can you put other stacks in the Filter Stack and/or can you put the Filter stack in other stacks?

Any bugs?

How easy is it to use, as Yabdab’s tutorials for the stack are pretty weak.

Many thanks,

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Hi Devin,

that post: New: Introducing the Filter Stack


I purchased the stack to filter product.

Here’s one of my initial pages:

  • Yes, you can use a lightbox
  • Yes, you can put other stacks in the Filter stack (various choices for layout are available).
    I dropped in ready made product made up of silly number of stack components.
  • No bugs, though there is a slight learning curve.

That’s pretty slick! Well done

Thank you for the information


We thought we did a pretty good job on those tutorials. What could we have done to make them better?


It’s interesting that you’ve responded to my post on the RW forum, considering you blocked me from making purchases on your site. All because I expressed my frustration over a lack of response to pre-sale inquiries. What’s really sad is that you don’t even realize you really have NO control over this, as I got the stack regardless of your attempts to block me. All you did was to confirm your customer service is lacking, as is your professionalism as a retailer. Keep blocking people and you’ll find yourself out of business. I certainly won’t be buying anything else from YabDab!

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Yikes, I hope that isn’t true, didn’t see any reply to your post. FWIW I have received replies from Mike at Yabdab and he has been pretty good about support.

Really love your website…am considering Yabdab filter stack…was just wondering how you made your front page?
I have about 20 properties that I want to display in the same way-can you give me any ideas what other stacks you used…asm thinking you are using Foundation? I am likely using Foundry, but they are both similar…
I currently have a website but am attempting a complete redesign to try and modernise and speed things up.
Your site site looks just sort of what I want…would really appreciate your help (if not too cheeky to ask!!)
Thanks in advance


Thanks for the nice comments.

The site is Foundation based. I’d suggest you’d be equally well served by Foundry. I’m tempted to purchase it to play around with.

Here’s the front page of https://casaejardim.pt, parent stack by parent stack.

  • Site styles (Foundation as a partial)

  • Header (Foundation as a partial)

  • Top Bar (Foundation as a partial)

  • Moving Box 2 (Workman) for the banner display

  • Two Header Stacks:
    WELCOME TO CASA E JARDIM - Shows on tablet or above
    Algarve Furniture - Shows on Mobile only

  • Paragraph stack for the description.

  • Two 3 Column stacks
    I’ve used the 6 icons; Interior Furniture, Exterior Furniture, Sofas etc. as a sort of general site menu.
    They are quite simply made using an Image, Header and Paragraph stack inside a 1 column stack.
    I’ve then put 3 each inside a 3 column stack. As simple as that.

  • Divider stack

  • A 6 column stack with each containing a 2 column stack to make up the small brand icons.

  • Finally a footer (Foundation as a partial) which is contained in a Panel stack made up of buttons as links to pages such as; About Us, Site Map, Contact Us and Terms and Conditions,

Obviously there are a lot of other stacks in use. Just shout if you want the breakdown inside each parent or partial.

I’m starting to use Yabdab’s Filter Stack as a basic ‘sorter’ for our product pages.
We aren’t an online store, it’s more of a filter to show the kind of products we sell in our shop or use in interior designs. If you need to filter about 20 properties it could work very well.
The stack also has a nice built in grid layout. You can make up a template for each property then let the Filter organise them on the page.

You might also get some milage from a search stack.
The search Loupe incorporated into our Header leads to One little Designers Live Search:
I’ve simply dropped a Loupe image into a lightbox stack. Once opened the lightbox reveals the search area.
I need to work on my implementation of it but it’s promising.

What is your current website?
Feel free to message me if I can help any further.

Hi Ric
Thanks for all that…how do you actually use the filter stack on this page? https://casaejardim.pt/exterior/exterior_dining/ https://casaejardim.pt/exterior/exterior_dining/ to show your exterior furniture - thats just the kind of layout I was looking for for the total of about 20 apartments - then was looking to link to their own page
Its just that I haven’t bought it yet really want to know how it would work…
the website in question is http://www.boavistaholidayrentals.com

At the moment I use one page for each size of apartment, and a lot of tabbed content to load on the page - am considering a separate page for each apartment but I need a catalogue/gallery page so that the client can click through to the one that interests them, according to size/seaview/price/location etc.
What do you think.? Would the filter stack be able to do that?

Thanks for any help


Hi Wendy

You have a nice site but I agree some modernisation would add appeal.

I’m also already tempted by one of your apartments. We will be looking for a break later in the year :airplane:

Yes the filter stack will do that to an extent but if you want to have a more ordered filter that will re-arrange all apartments you might be better off with @willwood 's Filter currently being posted about on this forum:
Will offers a demo (something other developers need to address more).

Hi Ric
Thanks for that will take a look at Will’s stack…he is always really helpful too
I’ve downloaded the demo to give it a whirl.
If you are interested in an apartment contact me directly first…can try and get you a deal??
Thanks for all your help

Hi Ric
just a little follow up - tried Will woodgate’s sort stack, I think that will work better for me…thanks for pointer over there.
Also can you tell me how you assembled your header? I am a bit stumped as how to do it…


It’s a very simple combination of two column stacks. (see image).

  • 2 column stack with our logo (image stack) on the left and another 2 column stack right.

  • The 2nd 2 column stack has the text in a Header stack on the left and another 2 column stack right.

  • The 3rd two column stack has a light box stack left with the loupe icon and the house icon right (another image stack).

Using multiple 2 column stacks rather than a 4 column one gives better spacing control in an attempt to use it across all device sizes. I do however have the search loupe in the light-box stack set as hidden below tablet size.

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It’s the YabDab way I’m afraid…

hello guys,
we need help. The support don´t react an my specifig questions and tells me everytime the same.
I like the Filter stack and it´s cool but ther is something i dont understand correctly. maybe your could explain me better. I understand that the sorting is based on alphanumeric values 0-9 and a-z.

My question is…

It isn´t possible to change the Sort Value in a specifig way.
one example: it isnt possible to Sort the category “Nice to know” on
the first place and “Generals” on the second place etc.

What function has the field “Sort Value” in the Filter - Item (general Options) i try to sort all categorie
like i want, how it works?

Unfortunately, my question has not been answered so far, whether I can
disable the “Show all” button or put it all to the end position?

Thank you for helping us


When filtering on a specific tag, the result is shown in the order the items are added to the Stacks page.
The Sort Value: can be used to change that order.
You can use figures or characters. (01, 02, 03, aa, ab, ac…)
Items with an empty Sort Value: field, are shown before those with a value.

There are no settings to hide or change position for the Show All button

Hope this helps,


ok i understand! Thank you for the answer. This is a much better statement as from the “support”. It will help to solve my problems.

Thank you very much Menno!

You wouldn’t be the first to have this experience with Yabdab “support”.