Really need replace page

I switched my site to php, and now I have to recreate every page to match, since the php only applied to new pages. The replace page feature might have been really nice for this task. Replace image might be nice, too.

A link please!

You can change the page extension of existing pages from .html to .php really easily in the RapidWeaver Page Inspector, under the general tab.

No need to replace or create these webpages again.

The PHP extension simply tells the web server that there is PHP (server side code) in the page that needs processing, before the page is sent down to the client.

Of course, use your FTP tool to delete the older versions of the pages, otherwise they will continue to display when you navigate to them.


Thanks for the help.

I had a talk with a friend who does web design for a living, and he pointed out a number of errors on my site, some of which had to do with links to html pages when they should have linked to php pages. It came up with images as well. I also switched my site from http: to https: a while ago and some links were still going to http:
I have just deleted much of the site from the server and re-published all files. Perhaps that will fix some of it.

When I change the html to php in the inspector, it seems to publish a duplicate page, so that I have an html and a php page, and some of the links get mixed up.

RW does not (and should not) delete things from your server.
Go to your hosting using ftp or the vpanrl gile manager and delet the html pages.
Change the page index.hrml to .php on all of your pages and republish all files
Put a rule in your .htaccess file to send http to https pages

RapidWeaver 7 and earlier used to have a ctrl-click ‘replace page’ feature but it has been removed in RapidWeaver 8. As far as I recall it wasn’t present in RapidWeaver 7 at launch but was added later.

It’s a feature that’s nice because you can replace a page but still keep the path and other settings. And it’s good seo.

The feature seems to die with every version of RapidWeaver. I think the feature causes too much programming since it’s removed by every major RapidWeaver version.

For me it’s not really a problem anymore because 95% of all my pages in a RapidWeaver project is Stacks pages. And if I should stumble over an older RapidWeaver project where I need to change page type – I can still use RapidWeaver 7 to do it and convert it to RapidWeaver 8.

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